Em Herzstein Holmes
Pastels • Acrylics • Mixed Media
Bold plein air landscapes and abstracts
Thank you for your interest in my art! 
I‘m grateful to be able to make art in beautiful locales. I have painted on the coast of Maine, in the mountains of Colorado, the coastal hills of Northern California, and a wind-swept bay in southern Baja, Mexico.
I paint outdoors. Or indoors with a window--there have to be fresh feelings and images of the outdoors in me, which go into the painting. The textures and scents, the feel of the air, the color and light that are alive in the moment become part of the painting.
Part of the fun of making art outdoors is the fluidity of composition: what I might pick up on, how I frame a scene, and how I relate to this place where everything is always moving. There are so many ways of seeing in any one place.
Making art quiets my thinking mind. I get to immerse myself in nature with heightened awareness of my surroundings.
I want to see beyond conventional vision, turning instead to the colors just past the surface. 

However people experience my artwork, my hope is that when looking at it, with their own sensibilities and experiences, they will be stimulated, touched, or soothed by what they see.
Much of my work is available for exhibitions and sale. 
Some limited edition prints and enhanced giclées are available. 
Payment plans can be arranged. 
Interested in something particular for yourself or a loved one? I am open to creating art on commission. Previous and current projects include a diptych set of cabinet doors, and a painted tabletop constructed with handmade Mexican tile. I enjoy the challenges of working with unusual substrates, as well as with canvas, panel, or paper.
Let your imagination wander... and then give me a call. 
Em Herzstein