Em Herzstein Holmes
Pastels • Acrylics • Mixed Media
Bold plein air landscapes and abstracts

Em's Thoughts

(posted on 19 Sep 2018)

rough texture with blues, some magenta underneath

(posted on 18 Sep 2018)

Three stylized boulders in bright colors with magenta underpainting

Playful acrylics version of #13

(posted on 15 Sep 2018)

meadow with ocean and mountain in background and part of a small cottage

(posted on 14 Sep 2018)

Three colorful boulders with ocean and sky

(posted on 13 Sep 2018)

apricot colors of sunset on the water in a cove

(posted on 12 Sep 2018)

(posted on 11 Sep 2018)

line drawing

(posted on 10 Sep 2018)

(posted on 9 Sep 2018)

scattered boulders with bay in background

Just getting started! I'll come back to this one.

(posted on 7 Sep 2018)

Large boulder on tidal flat with tree growing out of the top

The tide was coming in as I was painting

Easel in front of the scene that’s in the painting

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