Em Herzstein Holmes
Pastels • Acrylics • Mixed Media
Bold plein air landscapes and abstracts

People Are Saying ...

"I have been collecting Em Herzstein's work for almost seven years. Her landscapes are especially wonderful. She paints only after absorbing a particular scene and environment in depth, with an extraordinary eye for its contours, colors, shades and context. She starts with sketches on site, and then carefully creates works that envelop the viewer in the very essence of the place. The color, balance, composition and execution are exquisite. And her work ranges from realistic to impressionistic to abstract with equal skill."
Elliot Gerson 
Washington, D.C. and Aspen, Colorado 

"Em Herzstein’s paintings are mesmerizing. The way she layers color and texture, the way she captures light - wow! I could look at her work for hours."
Chinabear Joseph
Oakland, California 

"Em Herzstein brings the world around us to life with rich colors, evocative contrasts and a playful and joyous way of seeing."
Laura Kyropoulos 
El Cerrito, California 

"The feel of gentle movement and motion adds to the depth of Em’s art, stimulating all the senses."
Marsha Quick 
Richmond, California 

"I really enjoy Em Herzstein’s art. My favorite is Three Circles – I like how there’s just a bit of the third circle because then my brain makes up the rest. It makes me feel like I’m part of the art’s creation, in a way. I also love all of the textures she used on it. And Em’s got such a great eye for color."
Sandy Bredt
Piedmont, California